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about garnered.

At garnered, we put the human back into resourcing!

We started our company on a vision that there was more to recruiting than simply purchasing an applicant tracking system or hiring recruiters or expensive recruitment agencies to source your candidates for you. With garnered, hiring managers, recruiters, and leadership teams can hand-pick their new team members in minutes. We’ll help you build your LinkedIn employee branding so that when it’s time to hire, we know who you’re looking for and we’re ready to introduce you to the perfect match. 


We leverage LinkedIn’s ecosystem to build especially curated pipelines of industry professionals. Then, we make sure they see your posts, engage with your company. The best part? You’ll be able to reach out to them whenever there are vacancies in your organization. Our system ensures you end up with the most passionate professionals that will take your business to new heights. 


At garnered, we believe that the right recruitment is what happens at the intersection of art and science. We combine science and art to make sure you have the hand-picked talent that will make tangible and lasting effects on your company’s bottom line and ultimately, its future. 



We understand that sourcing the right talent is not just about the numbers. It’s also about corporate culture and the traits that form your company’s unique identity. So, when curating your database of candidates, we consider personality traits, mutual beliefs and emotional intelligence because all of these are part of the art of recruitment. 



At garnered, we’re data driven. We do the necessary research so you don’t have to and we use metrics to inform our recruitment choices. We base our decisions on specific factors that make up your company and your team to make sure that we find that perfect fit for you. We also take into consideration corporate objectives, the individual needs of your teams and so much more. 



We educate your hiring managers, recruiters, and leadership teams so they’re more active in the selection process. We do this by making sure they have the skills and knowledge they need to handpick their new team members in a matter of minutes. From virtual workshops to video tutorials –– we have the right educational tools to take your recruiting to the next level. 


We find the perfect candidate in a matter of minutes because we would have already put in the leg work of recruiting for you. We analyze the skills and expertise you’re looking for and we match it with the right individuals on LinkedIn. 

Here’s why our clients love our process: 

  • We save time-to-fill by 57% and identify a larger pool of qualified candidates 

  • We ensure our clients build a positive employee brand and foster a winning client experience. This means more interest from qualified candidates and an ultimately stronger team of employees for decades to come

  • We track your progress through real-time time to fill, cost per hire, offer acceptance rate, quality of hire, diversity, per discipline, region and source


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